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SIGMA-TAU: Facility Management of the production plant in Pomezia (Rome)

Sigma-Tau (today Alfa Wassermann) is one of the most important International Pharmaceutical Groups, active for over fifty years to promote the quality of life and human health.
Sigma-Tau operates in the most advanced sectors of pharmaceutical research, maintaining constant relationships with world-class scientific institutions in the development of common projects.


In June 2012, following the acquisition by IG O&M S.p.A. of the Sigma-Tau business-unit relating to the “Maintenance and Facilities Management of Pomezia Production Plant”, a collaboration was established with Sigma-Tau which was able to dedicate itself to the core business of its production and research activity being relieved of all the management, safety and maintenance commitments of its plants.


Continuous improvement, application of advanced technology solutions and cost control were the targets of IG O&M S.p.A. in the daily performance of this Contact.


No less important was the service of Technical Works that IG O&M S.p.A. performed at the plant in Pomezia on behalf of Sigma-Tau. This activity, also the core business of IG O&M S.p.A., was carried out by a flexible structure of engineers in daily cooperation with the technical sector of Sigma-Tau, in order to meet the production and research needs of the plant.


The safety, care and attention to the timing of implementation required in the new works was the mission throughout the whole period of the Contract by IG O&M Sp.A Project Team.

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