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Design and Construction of n. 3 Turbogas Power Plants in Algeria

IG O&M S.p.A. signed a contract for engineering and procurement services (EP) for the construction of three new gas turbine power plants located in the central and south-eastern Algeria for the production of electricity for civilian purposes.

The three plants capacities were the following:

El Golea (40 MW): 3 groups of 10 MW + 2 groups of 5 MW
Illizi (15 MW): 3 groups of 5 MW
In Amenas (30 MW): 6 groups of 5 MW


IG O&M S.p.A. was responsible for supplying the BOP (Balance of Plant) of 3 power plants using SOLAR TURBINES (T-70 and T-130) technology, fed primary by gas and by diesel as back-up.


The BOP, for each plant, consisted of:

  • Power generation system
    • substations MV-LV
    • power transformers from 11 KV to 30 KV
    • complete distribution system
    • gas treatment and feeding turbine system
    • storage, treatment and distribution diesel system
    • control system
    • gas detection system
    • fire-fighting system


  • Utilities:
    • water treatment systems (industrial water, drinking water and wastewater)
    • Well 350 meters deep
    • compressed air system
    • emergency diesel generator
    • lubricating oils storage system
    • fully equipped workshop
    • warehouse and spare parts
    • various buildings (administrative and technical)
    • roads, sewers system and fence
    • kitchen and local services for the operation and maintenance staff
    • first aid infirmary
    • HVAC system
    • internal & external lighting system
    • telephone, internet and data system
    • anti-Intrusion system
    • furniture and accessories for offices and laboratory
    • landscaping and mitigation


IG O&M S.p.A. Project Management included the following services: engineering, procurement, factory tests, sea transport, customs clearance, local transportation, installation and commissioning of the systems mentioned above.

Particular effort, in terms of workforce and equipment, was dedicated to the coordination of all phases of the project for power plants installation and commissioning, including safety & quality supervision.


Plant Starting Date: 2013

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