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HERA – RDF waste power Plant, Ravenna

The plant, designed and built by IG O&M S.p.A., it is located a few kilometers from Ravenna.


The Power Plant is a waste-to-energy plant to treat RDF from civil and hospital waste. The technology used is a “fluidized bed” with HIRN cycle (water vapors). The nominal plant capacity is equal to 7 MWe corresponding to approximately 28 MWt. The efficiency of the system is 24% due to on effective heat recovery.


The plant requires a fuel supply of approximately 180,000 Tons per year.


The waste-to-energy plant can be fuelled by both urban solid waste fuel (RDF) and treated hospital waste; the two systems are functionally and technically connected to each other. The RDF production section is divided into two processing lines through successive phases of shredding, screening and mechanical and physical separation.


Service buildings, warehouses, offices, workshop, road works and environmental mitigation are an part of the project.



Plant start up: 2003

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