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KC767A aircraft maintenance & warehouse support

The Boeing Company is the world’s leading aerospace industry and the largest overall manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft. Boeing provides numerous support services both to commercial and military airlines. It has customers in over 90 countries and more than 140,000 employees in 65 countries; in 2019 the company’s turnover was $ 76.56 billion.


Italy is Boeing’s second largest industrial supplier in Europe (excluding aircraft engines) – the collaboration includes partnerships with Finmeccanica and its operating companies such as Alenia Aeronautica (for the 787 Dreamliner) and AgustaWestland (for the new ICH-47F helicopters supplied to the Army).


In 2006 Boeing signed an important contract with the Italian Ministry of Defense for the supply of the new KC-767A Tankers to replace the 707 ones of the Italian Air Force, thus being able to boast the most sophisticated aircraft refueling in the world.

The first KC-767A aircraft was delivered in late 2010 and the supply was completed in 2012.


IG O&M S.p.A. was selected from the beginning of the program as a qualified AS9110 supplier both for the maintenance of the 767 CTA aircraft (Commercial Training Asset, from 2008 to 2011) and subsequently for the line and hangar maintenance of the KC -767A fleet at the military airport of Pratica di Mare (Rome).


Through its highly specialized technical staff, IG O&M S.p.A. has had a considerable role in the development of the KC-767A program to the satisfaction of both the Customer/Boeing and the end-user/Air Force.

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