˙ ENI – Hydrogen Pipeline Venezia / Porto Marghera – IG
25 November, 2019

ENI – Hydrogen Pipeline Venezia / Porto Marghera

In November 2019 IG O&M S.p.A. was awarded, in Joint Venture with the company Anese S.r.l., an important contract by ENI for the construction of a connection between the Venice Refinery and the Versalis Petrochemical plant in Porto Marghera through a sub-lagoon pipeline approximately 2.7km long and 6 “diameter.


This connection, executed by H.D.D. (horizontal directional drilling) method, will be used to transfer the hydrogen necessary during the cracking process in the refinery (hydrocracking HCC).


This investment by ENI is part of the transition to new technologies to obtain “clean energy” from hydrogen, of which the Triveneto area and Venice in particular represent the industrial hub as reference in Italy.

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