IG O&M has the full requirements to carry on studies, design and works at national and international level.

IG O&M is registered by many years at OICE organization, which gathers all the big Italian Companies of engineering, architecture and technical- economic consultancy.

IG O&M has the qualification, granted by SOA (Società Organismo di Attestazione), for the execution of Public Works for the following work categories certifying observance of technical as well as economical and financial requirements (valid in the European Union – EU):

  • Technological Plants (OG11, OS3, OS28, OS30)
  •  Water Pipelines, Gas and Oil Pipelines (OG6)
  •  Power plant production (OG9)
  •  Industrial and Civil Buildings (OG1)
  •  Waste disposal and recovery plant (OS14)
  •  Waste Treatment and Environmental Protection (OG12)
  •  Roads, Railways, Airports (OG3)
  •  Hydraulic Consolidations Works (OG8)
  •  Telecommunications and Data Network (OS19)
  •  Urban Green and Furniture (OS24)