KC767A aircraft maintenance

The Boeing Company has renewed with IG O&M the maintenance aircraft tanker KC767A contract owned by the Italian Ministry of Defence – ARMAEREO.

The renewal of the contract is especially linked to the high performance achieved by the IG O & M team during many years and fruitful cooperation with all the supervisory staff of Boeing and ITAF at the military airport of Pratica di Mare (Rome).

The KC767A tanker program belongs to the international agreements in place between Italy and the United States which will take the certification to the Italian aircrafts for the refueling of the entire F35A international fleet.

ref.: http://theaviationist.com/2015/08/07/itaf-kc-767-first-international-f35-aar/

ENI – pipelines maintenance center Italy

Eni, ex Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, a multinational company with a presence in 90 countries with more than 78,000 employees in 2013, operates in the sectors of oil&gas, petrochemicals, electricity production, engineering and construction. It is the sixth Oil International Group in terms of turnover; It is the first Italian company and 22nd in the world by revenue. It is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

ENI has announced last May a tender for the maintenance of all its pipeline dividing the Italian territory in five major areas.
IG O&M was again awarded the contract for the HUB-3 Italy Center, including the Livorno refinery . Amount of the contract is approximately € 6,000,000.

The contract came into force in July 2015.


In April 2014, the IG S.p.A., now IG O&M S.p.A., was contacted by a company registered in Lebanon MAN Enterprise to analyze and, possibly, to formalize a partnership with the aim to participate in projects in the Middle East.

MAN Enterprise, solid companies with sales in the order of $ 500 million, active in the fields of large civil construction (skyscrapers, hotels), mainly in Lebanon and Qatar, has completed an extensive scouting in Italy in order to identify a medium-sized company to establish a joint-venture and expand its field of activity.

The choice of MAN Enterprise fell on IG O&M; in consequence of this relationship began to know each other: visit of the leaders of MAN at the IG O&M premises and visit of IG O&M leaders in Beyrut and in Doha. These visits and discussions have induced positive results. Ownership of MAN Enterprise has clearly expressed its willingness to work with the IG O&M having found important synergies with its own companies.

Actual situation

After several meetings it came to the definition and signing of a Joint Venture Agreement which specifies obligations and roles of both parties.

Subsequently, on 29/12/2014, it was set up in a UK company called MAN IGOM LIMITED owned for 80% by MAN Oil & Gas SAL and 20% IG O&M.


MAN has an extensive knowledge of the markets of the Middle East and an equally extensive network of contacts in these areas. MAN intends to expand and diversify its business in the field of operation and maintenance and identified in IG O&M the ability to give significant contributions in terms of know-how and references. All this represents a significant opportunity for IG O&M also bearing in mind that MAN will support, orologi replica at least initially, the majority of the costs for the bid requests and issue the resulting tenders.

The scope of work of the IG O&M has been defined: system engineering, emissions of procedures, procurement activities, site supervising; the scope of work of the MAN is mainly on the supply of labor and infrastructure.

The MAN will also issue the bank guarantees and cash flow.