Ministry of Defense: operation and maintenance of NATO networks and pipelines in the North of Italy

The NATO-POL pipeline is a complete system including marine terminals, storage depots and underground pumping units built in the sixties in order to feed, at least for the Italian network, with fuel for aircraft and ground vehicles, some main military airports located in the north-northeast.

The system of the Italian network, called North Italian Pipeline System, has been funded entirely by contributions of NATO; it reaches the airbases of Ghedi-Villafranca, Istrana, Aviano, Cervia and other strategic bases. The military network of pipe-line crosses six Italian regions, 17 provinces and 136 municipalities, with three branches, from the sea terminal of La Spezia to the Pol areas of Udine and San Giorgio di Cesena (Forlì-Cesena), passing through the hub of Collecchio (Parma), for an extension of approximately 900 km of pipelines.

The capacity of the Italian system amounts to a maximum of 1 million and 600 thousand liters per day (figure achieved in 1999, during the war in Kosovo).

The Operation and Maintenance activities of the whole infrastructure is entrusted to IG O&M from 1995 up to now; the contract includes:

Pick-up and delivery in the areas of use of petroleum products

Management and handling

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (Pigging, cleaning tanks, etc.)

First intervention (emergency situation)

Telemetry and SCADA

Management of spare parts

Technical services in support of the Operation

Staff Training

Housing areas and security

Project Management

The current contract provides for the right of use of the installations for commercial purposes for different customers Defense Administration (private airline companies, airports, etc.).

Customer: Ministry of Defense