NATO-POL pipeline network system

The pipeline NATO-POL is a complete system of marine terminals, storage depots and underground pumping units built in the sixties in order to feed, at least for the Italian network, with fuel for aircraft and ground vehicles, some military airports main located in the north-northeast.

The Italian network, called North Italian Pipeline System, has been funded entirely by contributions of the NATO; it reaches the stage of Ghedi-Villafranca, Istrana, Aviano, Cervia and other strategic bases. The military network of pipe-line through six Italian regions, 17 provinces and 136 municipalities, with three branches: the marine terminal of La Spezia, the POL areas of Udine and San Giorgio di Cesena (Forlì-Cesena), passing through the intersection of Collecchio (Parma), for an extension of approximately 900 km of pipelines.

The capacity of the Italian pipeline has reached a maximum of 1 million and 600 thousand liters per day during the war in Kosovo, in 1999.

Engineering, construction and commissioning of the oil pipeline network from stretching or renovations and infrastructure has been assigned to IG O&M.

The infrastructure includes:

• Marine Terminal

storage areas petroleum products


pumping stations

Buildings for auxiliary services

Ancillary works

Client: Ministry of Defence (Italy)