SIGMA-TAU: Facility Management of the production plant in Pomezia (Rome)

Sigma-Tau is a leading Italian pharmaceutical groups, with a major presence at the international level, for over fifty years active in promoting quality of life and human health.

Sigma-Tau is present in the most advanced sectors of pharmaceutical research, maintaining constant contact with scientific institutions of the world in the development of joint projects.

These results are also due to the IG O&M commitment as Partner in the integrated management of all the Facilities of the production plant in Pomezia. The Sigma-Tau has the opportunity to devote itself to the core business of its manufacturing and research being released from all commitments management, security and maintenance of the facilities that IG O&M pursues with the specific expertise of a company that makes this activity its core business.

Continuous improvement, application of advanced technology solutions and maintenance costs, are the mission that aims IG O&M in the conduct of this daily activity.

No less important is the service of Technical Works that IG O&M performs at the plant in Pomezia on behalf of Sigma-Tau.

This activity is carried out by a flexible team of engineers working in the technical field of Sigma-Tau, define the best project in terms of cost technical value useful to the realization of the structures, systems and processes of each time the need for production and research Sigma Tau, require.

Safety, care and attention to the timing of implementation required in the new work is the mission of the Project team IGOM

Contract Date: June 2012