SPER: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Start-Up of biomass power plant 18 MWe in Enna, Sicily

The Power Plant, made and designed by IG, is located a few kilometers from Enna at the industrial area of ​​Dittaino. The plant has been designed using a technology called fluidized bed Hirn (water vapor). The power amounts to 18.7 MWe with its approximately 60 MW thermal. The plant’s efficiency is about 27% counting on an efficient energy recovery of the heat produced.

The Power Plant needs a supply of wood chips amounted to 167,000 ton/year.

The wood chips is picked up automatically by the single box by means of the movable floor, hydraulically commanded and the relative screw feeders, which feed the charging hopper of the conveyor belt that feeds the steam generator.

The steam generator is constituted by a fluid-bed combustion section, from one section water tube production and superheating of steam at 61 barg and 485 ° C, by a first separator cyclone ash and by a section for saving the preheating feedwater.

The steam produced is started in a GE turbine axial discharge coupled to an electric generator 20 MW – 6 KV, and subsequently condensed in an air cooled condenser and reported in cycle to the boiler by means of the extraction pumps through the heaters, deaerator and feed pumps.

The fumes of the boiler is treated by means of a dry system, consisting of multicyclone, lime reactor and activated carbon, bag filter, DeNOx catalytic reactor, heat regenerator of the regenerative type Ljungstrom and by means of a fan, the gas after a heat recovery tubes is sent to a wash column with sodium solution. The release into the atmosphere of gases purified takes place, after heating steam, by means of extraction fan and chimney of height 40 m.

The planr is equipped with a power station for the processing of the voltage of electricity from 6 to 150 kV and export to the national grid high voltage substation using AT type connection outdoors.

Service buildings, warehouses, road works are part of the project.

Data entry into service: 2013