HERA – CDR waste power Plant, Ravenna

The Plant, made and designed by IG O&M, is located a few kilometers from Ravenna. The Plant is fed by the waste from CDR civilians and hospitals. The technology used is fluidized bed with Hirn cycle (water vapors). The power of the plant is equal to 7 MWe nominal and with approximately 28 MW thermal. The efficiency, at operating regime, is about 24% counting on an efficient energy recovery of the heat produced.

The Plant requires a supply of fuel equal to about 180,000 Tons per year.

The PlantCenter includes a system of waste-fuel from waste (RDF), special waste similar to urban (RSA) and hospital waste treated (ROT), and a system of automatic selection of municipal solid waste with production of RDF.

The two systems are functionally and technically linked. The section RDF production is articulated on two processing lines by means of successive steps of shredding, screening and separation mechanical and physical.

Service buildings, warehouses, road works are part of the project.

Data entry into service: 2003